Looking for the exclusive relation between you and jewellery !!
ART64 consecutively provide customer an unique experience by customization service. Customization likes an interesting and fantastic journey. The relationship between accessory and customer is started from design concept. During discussion with our designer, customer will figure out that from the original motive, decision on the style and spec, and understanding on the process step by step, can and will convey his/ her own feeling and requirements to designer. Then unique and exclusive accessory is born eventually.
Name collection
Exclusive tailored to meet your needs, symbols, charms, diamond match of your choice
Laser engraving collection
ART64 provide text or handy graffiti patterns engraving services on silver jewelry.
Design by photo provide
You can be commissioned through the photos, we will complete your unique customized Request.
Stamp collection
Discover the beauty of oriental writing, the exclusive launch of the carving series, showing your exclusive name on silver jewelry.
Special Customize demand
Provide your simple idea, whether it is the body of the tattoo designs or unique functional request.
Lovely plates collection
Thick metal design carving patterns on smooth surface, bring different visual sense.
Design by drawing provide
Commissioned can be through the preliminary draft and discussions.