We create fashion and safe ear piercing experience for you
We look forward to the time of completing ear piercing and nice experience on the process, and to see your charming and delightful smile with satisfactory finally.All of our ear picering studs are inspected and approved by the U.S. FDA, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, and the European Union EC. Standard.
Sterilized ear piercing stud
ART64 has been import the world's largest manufacturer of ear piercing instrument. STUDEX USA is specializes in ear piercing products. The stud has sterilized with 100% sealed packaging prior to leaving the factory, andespecially suitable for sensitive ears, so you no longer need search of expensive gold, K gold material as ear studs. You can feel comfortable on ART64 ear studs.
Safety is the first priority
We has asked to complete the sterilization process and wear sterile gloves first as S.O.P to isolation disease and virus .All the customer to select disposable ear stud for their own personal use. Strictly isolate any risk factors to make sure your health!!

Expertise is service assurance
ART64 build a reassuring and comforting environment with friendly staff to provide you professional ear piercing service and fashion recommendations.