Building up your own brand accessories.
ART64 specialize in ODM service with small volume and various design style, also provide gold, silver, copper, pewter, and various forms ofmaterial for selection. We are happy to assist you to understand the cost reduction and to enhance and strengthen the commercial value through professional design. Depend on many years of design experiences.
We are willing to provide OEM service for the same trade or to engage the product co-development / jointly design cooperation with partners of clothing, gift, or related industry.
Sandblasting process
We use professional sandblasting machine for jewelry surface delicate texture treatment.

Plating process
We can do metal plating process for white K gold, rose gold, gold, black nickel colors ect. to your choose.
Combining different materials
ART64 can combine different materials to your request.
Design by drawing provide
Each client case through discussion on preliminary requirements, draft design, prototype to production, and estimated completion time. We always to pay much attention to every critical stepand our expertise is assurance to your satisfaction.

Coloring process
Use professional pigments,make metal add different color and look more attractive and more distinctive.

Special Customize demand
We can do items in size by customize scale.

Laser engraving process
ART64 provide text or handy graffiti patterns engraving services on silver jewelry.